Power Sweeping

To keep your parking lots, home driveways and roadways clean, we offer power sweeping services. Our sweepers clean and pick up loose debris on the surface using regenerative air system. We also use backpack blowers to get deep into corners and crevices. Sweeping can be extremely beneficial in promoting safety and reducing your liability for accidents on your property. It also increases the life of both outdoor and indoor surfaces. Our “quiet” sweeper enables us to arrive earlier in the morning which is advantageous to both you and your customers. Our versatile fleet features  Tymco 435 sweeper trucks designed for the deep  of city streets and highways. A well maintained property always attracts more customers than one that is poorly maintained.

Asphalt Patching

Over time, asphalt is damaged by water, chemicals, the sun, and wear and tear. It requires periodic maintenance, such as seal coating, crack sealing by filling large cracks with rubberized asphalt, repairing holes and significant broken up areas and overlays. New asphalt pavement enhances a building’s beauty and increases re-sale value.

At Allen's Lot Maintenance, we offer comprehensive services for installation, repair, maintenance, resurfacing and striping. We are equipped with the knowledge and experienced team you can depend on.  Make sure your asphalt paving and repairs are performed by experienced licensed professionals committed to integrity.

Steps for properly installing or repairing asphalt:

Thoroughly evaluate the conditions that created the issues
Review site grade to mitigate water drainage issues
Pre-mark areas to ensure all expectations are met
Saw & remove damaged pavement
Thoroughly clean the repair area
Evaluate condition of sub-base
Add and compact new base as required
Adequate amount of tack for adhesion
Install hot mix asphalt
Clean work area prior to leaving​

Pavement Striping

Our services include installation and layout design  or restriping of parking lots, roadways, new construction sites, curbing or any customized painting that you may need. Let us straighten or replace your old or damaged parking bumper blocks.

We stripe all ADA markings (Handicap stencils & walkways), and can also provide you with Handicap signs and post installation. We provide striping for arrows, lettering and numbers as well. We use both an oil base and water base paint that is abrasion resistant and fast drying. Which one we use depends on if the asphalt has been recently seal coated. Glass beads can be added while the paint is wet to make a reflective marking. Striping greatly improves auto and traffic flow as well as providing safety for your customers by marking any hazardous areas. It is an inexpensive way to add aesthetic enhancement to your parking lot.

Seal Coating

Seal coating offers protection for your asphalt from sunlight, water damage, salts, chemicals, and the wear and tear associated with normal use. It creates a barrier between any degradants and the product. It beautifies the asphalt with a handsome black finish that can increase your property value. This process also helps to save money from an expensive asphalt overlay. Because you have seal coated, your property cleanup is faster and it is easier to keep clean as well. Seal coating will add many years to the life of your asphalt surface. Depending on environmental and traffic conditions, seal coating should be applied every three to five years. We seal coat for both commercial and residential customers.

Crack Filling

Asphalt can crack due to heating and cooling. This kind of cracking should be addressed with crack fill. We have the tools and manpower to correct this problem. Our products come with a proven track record of performance and longevity.

Extruded Curbing Installation

Allen's Lot Maintenance provides extruded curbing installation. When professionally installed, extruded curbing is a cost effective, permanent way to establish boundaries and to protect buildings and landscaping. Because it sits on top of the asphalt surface it makes for easy replacement if damage occurs. Additionally, curbing can help to direct the flow of water to drains.

Service Area:

We continue to serve or valued clients up and down the Central Oregon Coast as well as the Mid-Willamette Valley. Your Seasoned Pro's with no job too big or too small.